PokéAPI Proxy


Use the endpoint https://pokeapi-proxy.freecodecamp.rocks/api/pokemon to see a list of all valid Pokémon names, id numbers, and URLs.

Use the endpoint https://pokeapi-proxy.freecodecamp.rocks/api/pokemon/{name-or-id} to get data for a Pokémon, where {name-or-id} is the Pokémon's name or id number.

Note: Pokémon names should be in lowercase, have special characters removed, and be dash separated. Also, if the Pokémon has either ♀ or ♂ as part of its name, the format is {name-f} or {name-m}, respectively.

Example Requests

Click any of the example requests below to see its response.

All valid Pokémon:



Mr. Mime: